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Ok. Let’s see how this turns out….

But I ought to start at the, well, beginning, right?
It’s my
birthday and I cry if I…umm, no. I mean…it’s my birthday today,
been a long day at the office for both me and apparently the wife (as
she more or less arrived home at the same time as I did…) and after
packing we went straight to Frankfurt. It’s our interview at the US
Consulate tomorrow morning, finally. Basically, we’ve got a heckuvalot
of paperwork in store for ’em. What is it they want? A ton…and then

Biometric Passport Pictures (we had them taken by a
photographer. Expensive but, hey, it’s for the Greencard, I don’t want
to look like a fugitive on that one courtesy of a photofix booth
picture, thank you). Birth Certificate or an excerpt from the Family
Register. Police Clearance Certificates. Financial Affidavit (10k Euros
per person. Yikes). X-Ray upper Thorax. Health Check (They gave us
basically a ton of shots and sucked us dry). School certificates,
diplomas, whatever-have-you. Anything and everything job-related.
Really. Last 20 employers (kidding, didn’t have that many, but
basically they want to know what I did before I went to the US in ’98
and what I did since returning December 2000…), certifcates and
whatever else I could drum up. And a double helping of job references,

Both for the wife and me.

So, now we’re sitting in
the hotel room at a whopping 90 Euro a night (gotta love trade shows
and the sudden increase in prices at all hotels in the area). Twin
beds. Now, really. we’re married. It’s my birthday. And you give me two
twins. Thanks, I knew I’m old when I turn 34 but did you have to rub it
into my face just like that? Sheesh. The bathroom…whelp…let’s just
say the hotel has an old wing and a new one. We didn’t get into the new
one, and it looks like it’s got still the original bathroom from back
when it was built, by the looks of it late 16th century. I think the
tub and sink used to be white, not sure. Yes, it is clean, as clean as
you can get a 30+ year old bathroom. But the fact that there are hair
clinging to the shower head…and the hair is of a color and length
neither of us sports….makes you think.

Ah well. Bed time for
us, gonna be an exciting day tomorrow. The interview is at 8 in the
morning, we’ll get up at 6 to be there with a nice buffer.

Stay tuned.

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