We’ve landed.

We’ve crossed the border.

We got fingerprinted

We now are official permanent residents of the US of A. Greencard’s about to arrive in three to six months.

We spent the first and last night at the Red Carpet Inn. Seriously, I now know what to expect from a 45 Dollar King Size Bed room. At least it has free Wireless Lan. Which I am using with my VPN. Ahemm

More from the Days Inn which we will check in tomorrow. Sheeeeeesh. I will NOT take a shower in that bathroom.


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  1. Congratulations and greetings from good ol’ Germany!

    I know how it feels to land, to cross the border, to get fingerprinted but I’m still waiting for the joy of being a “permanent resident”. All I’ve got is a tourist visa every time I visited the US of A.

    I don’t know about Red Carpet Inn bedrooms but I can tell you what to expect from a 75 Dollar three person room at 105th Street in Manhatten, NY. There was a single bathroom for the entire floor. I took a shower there but I still regret it…

    Good luck with the Days Inn! Hope you can take a shower there. 🙂