Day Two

The night at the Days Inn at Cherry Hills, NJ? Great. Huge, comfy bed, quiet room…just what we should have gotten the first night already. Ah well. To err is human.

The rest of the day, again in quick wrap-up. Off to Baltimore, thanks to sat nav no challenge. Arrived early downtown at the pier. Spent a LONG time at the Aquarium, our favourite haunt in MD. The only downside…they only had one sea turtle left, I am POSITIVE they had at least two in ’99. And the poor, lonely guy left was missing his front left fin, too. But he had fun and apparently and talking to one of the custodians, he’s four times what he used to be three years ago, so indeed he’s doing fine there. The rays were awesome as always, we spent an hour just sitting at the bottom of the ramp at the lowest level of the Aquarium, watching the rays swim around us. Next best thing to diving among them I guess. Quick late lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe where I picked up a size S shirt for a friend of mine, he collects the small t-shirts and puts them on his livingroom wall, to each their own I guess, quick visit to Barnes&Noble (all in the old Powerstation, as is ESPN) to get something to read for me….I grabbed Noble House finally, meant to read that one literally for decades. I remember the Mini Series with Pierce Brosnan, my first exposure to that actor, I only saw Remington Steele after it…and off we were to Alexandria.

I have to mention the GORGEOUS weather we had for the last two days. Sunshine….and here in Virginia it’s 20 degrees Celsius today. I swear, this is….great.

Depending on the weather, it’ll either be DC or Potomac Mills tomorrow.

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