Day Three

It is kinda weird sleeping without interruption. No cats waiting for 5:30 AM to start their meowing to indicate a certain appetite for an early bird breakfast. Actually it’s not my tomcat doing that but my wife’s princess cat. Figures, women, spoildom, etc.

Nevertheless, we got up around 7 AM, wide awake. Decision was made quickly to take the 8 am courtesy shuttle to Van Dorn station, to then take the Metro from there to Downtown D.C.

It was a close call on what to do today. Considering that for tomorrow though they announced thunderstorms, we figured that an open top doubledecker tour during that kinda weather wouldn’t be a good idea. And as the weather channel only declared partial rain with a 40% chance, we took the chance.

It goes without saying that when we started the tour at 9 am from Union Station, those 40% turned into 100%, right? And that as soon as we entered the Air&Space Museum after 3/4 of the 2 hr bus tour, most of which we spent still upstairs in our windbreakers with hoodies pulled into our faces, the rain stopped. Right?

Anyhow, the A&S was a tad on the sobering side. I’ve been there twice…and it feels smaller and smaller each time I get there. I guess the sense of ‘WOW!’ wears off after a while, it’s like having your favorite dish over and over again. I mean, it’s still awesome, mind you, the stuff in there, breathtaking, I still get a lump in my throat when I see the Spirit of St. Louis for example, but it’s just not the same as the first time, 8 years ago, when I was so caught up with everything that I totally forgot time and spent I dunno how long in there. Still, great stuff, due to the American History renovation they had a few choice exhibits there, but the queue was out of this world, so again no Ruby Slippers for my eyes to feast on…or the Kermit. What’s with all those KIDS during the week? Some kind of break???? If so, how long?

Next stop: Museum of Natural History. Melanie always tells about this one volunteer with the labcoat full of pockets and in each pocket he’d have critters. She’s still especially impressed with the weight of this tobacco caterpillar and the fuzzyness. Finally, I wanted to see that with my own ideas. Again, naturally, no dice. No volunteer with a labcoat, in fact, no volunteers at all. Just my luck. But, again, TONS of kids. Which was really too bad, as they have a special exhibit, a butterfly and plant experience, where you get into a special kind of brightly lit, warm tunnel with tons of plants and, well, butterflies in there. Mel is KEEN on butterflies. Seriously so. But getting tickets and having to wait 90 minutes before even getting into the line…nah…scratch that. We’ll try that when all those kids have a place to go to again during the week: their schools. A bit browsing through the museum, as, well, honestly, it’s nice but not the first of this kind I’ve ever seen. The bones collection was interesting though, I’ll have to say that.

So, out into the fresh air again, we decided to walk on over to the Lincoln Memorial. Mind you, the whole Mall area was preparing for the cherry blossom festival thing. Insane. Never seen that thing before, but from the looks of it it seems to be huge. Parade, events, chit-chat jogging tour…I don’t think I have to be caught in D.C. for that, it could be packed especially as the weather’s apparently picking up again for saturday. There is a kite flying event on the mall though which WOULD interest me, but nah, not for that thing…nah. Aaaanyhow…the Memorial…there’s this new WW II Memorial thing…frankly, I’m getting a tad tired about all that harping about that time. Yes, good thing the Allies won, etc., but aren’t there enough memorials by now for that? Do we need still more to remind us, aren’t the ones we have enough for that task? Besides, it interrupts the flow of the mirror pool in my opinion, I preferred the, well, pre-memorial look 8 years ago.

We then decided to head back to the pick-up spot for the bus tour at the Department of Agriculture…where we waited for ages (ok, so maybe 20 minutes, but for someone with sore feet and cold to the bones, 20 minutes can be a loong time)….the bus arrived, we took the rest of the tour and ended up back at Union Station. Considering the time, 5 pm-ish, we decided to call it a day, headed back, got subs and now I just booked a room for Williamsburg. So we’ll shop at Potomac Mills tomorrow and head to Williamsburg from there, staying for two nights.

Man, am I looking forward to Potomac Mills 🙂

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