Day Four

Shopping spree! Wheeeeeeeeeeee

Today, early in the morning (that would be around 9 AM…) we headed for Potomac Mills after checking out of the Days Inn. Overall a decent place for the amount of bucks we paid. Not stellar, not noteworthy, just a fair return, period.

Potomac Mills was…different from the last time, eight years ago, we’ve been there. It’s a recurring theme for me I guess, for Mel as well though. Things no longer seem as HUGE as they appeared to us. Maybe we did a lot of growing up, maybe our point of view HAS changed ever since we no longer are the international students but the professionals with about a decade of work experience in white collar/management jobs under our respective belts, heck, I dunno, it was just a tad…sobering I guess. We had a few bargains…well, everything is a bargain compared to Germany these days, still, a few things I felt good about. One shirt that upset me a bit as I bought it a size too big (in the shoulders of all places, sheesh. That NEVER happened to me before….), only a 12 dollar setback, but such a cool Dockers dress shirt. Maybe we can swing by on our way back and I get that shirt one size smaller….the color’s just…right. Feh.

Other than that, a pair of running shoes that are about half as expensive as they’d be in Germany…at least, a few polo shirts and Mel got a few things as well, all in all not the haul we expected though. I just guess I turn older, A&F, Hilfiger and other brands no longer hold as much appeal to me as they used to. I don’t like many of their designs anymore and it’s just not something I’d blindly grab and put on. Also, PM was rather uncrowded today, a rather weird experience if you ask me. Which might be because we’re only used to sundays…

They moved the IKEA out, now there’s Costco. Just. Wrong.

Deciding to skip a late lunch at 4 pm in favour of an early dinner at Williamsburg, we then just hopped into our car, which, miracle of miracles despite it being a bland rental we found straight away, courtesy of the small stuffed animal (horse) in the back, we headed, with massive traffic jams on the I95 around Quantico towards Williamsburg where we now prepare for tomorrow. Sheeesh…the price for a simple ticket…as we know all the sites, we’ll simply stroll for free through the historic part and then maybe head over to Yorktown or Jamestown…or both, we’ll see. On wednesday though, I have an appointment with sea turtles….more about that on wednesday though. Sea turtles. YAY 🙂

One more thing though…we do seem to have something in our car that notices speed limits, i.e. if the limit’s 65 and we drive faster, there are three pings like when your seatbelt is not fastened, same if the limit changes and you are too fast. It’s really tied to limits and crusing speed, we tried everything else and it’s reproducable. I NEVER heard about anything like that and it’s a bloody ECONOMY class rental…are we going insane and this is just the first start…or is this something that’s around and we’re just ignorant in Europe?`Highly annoying, there’s no documentation in regards to it at all in the manuals…

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