Day Five

Williamsburg, eh?

Ok, huge difference between christmas time in Williamsburg and now. Beautiful weather despite the forecast, chilly but sunny, what more could you ask for? Well, I know what I didn’t ask for 😉 See, there are times when hospitality and customer service can turn obnoxious. Inasmuch as the the thought behind the offer of a German map was appreciated, I am rather positive that neither Melanie nor I would have needed it, I mean, I think our English is good enough to scrape by a tourist helper… But again it was proven, that EVERYONE in the US either was personally in Germany at one point in his or her life or has someone among family or friends who was or is. Sheeeesh, I actually contemplate printing up and handing out cards

Yes, I am from Germany. Cologne area, yes we like it over here, otherwise we wouldn’t be here. Yes, it is different than Germany. Oh, really? <- Usually in reaction to ‘I/my/a has been to Germany’ exclamation.

For some reason, both Mel and I like those quilts they are selling in WBurg. Figures that we both fancy the most expensive one. Which, even if we HAD the money, is not an option due to cats. But…8k for a quilt? Sheeeeeeesh…

Anyhow, early night for us tonight, we both are a tad on the tired side…but we’re totally looking forward to Virginia Beach. Before we check into the hotel though, we’re going to drop by at Jamestown and Yorktown. Yay Military History!!! Civil War’s more my period though, but as always I had a few nice chats here in WBurg.

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