Day six

Now, who didn’t eat his greens yesterday???

When we got up this morning, it was raining. Sleet, rain, tad of snow…just…wrong.

Especially wrong for our plans. Jamestown and Yorktown were to be explored…but not during weather like that. Nasty. Evil. Mean. Unfair. What to do? Nothing much to be done actually, we decided to forego Jamestown and Yorktown for today and instead head directly to Virginia Beach.

Taking the Colonial Parkway was a good decision. Lovely view the whole time. Scenic parking spots for every view. And trust me, for someone who’s never been separated from a landmass by more than 200 miles of water, it was a damn weird feeling to literally stand at the ocean beach. The ATLANTIC ocean beach. Shame about the weather though, like, serious shame. Storm and rain almost the whole day, which didn’t keep us though from a quick walk on the beach up to the waterline….and then a swift return to the hotel room.

Luckily, we met a friend, Joe, some might know him as Tak, for dinner and had a blast. Pity it’s not possible to do this more often, but now with the Greencards we might be more often in the neighborhood, so to speak…

Tomorrow, we change rooms into a ‘full efficiency’ room with an actual stove and pans and dishes and we finally can have a warm meal without having to go out for it or just nuke it…hooray.

Aaanyhow. Getting late, getting tired…Good night 🙂

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