A few musings, not tied to any particular date of this trip, just some things I’m wondering about.

  • Actually, from what I see until now, changes due to 9/11 aren’t as bad as I was afraid of. Yes, immigration took a tad longer than I was used to, the Smithsonians have actually Metal Scanners and X-Ray your backpacks, but other than that, knocking on wood, nothing much changed in that direction
  • Is *everyone* driving big cars now?? Seriously, I thought that with the rising prices of gas and the whole environmental spiel, more economic cars would be around now. But no, everbody and their respective grandmothers are driving HUGE cars. And trucks, I’ve always seen pickups over here, but they certainly grew in size. Wow. Even our bloody Economy rental is a 4 door sedan with a trunk big enough to handle one XL suitcase and an XL bag…and other, small luggage. Sheeesh!
  • Apparently I no longer look like a college kid. I haven’t been carded once yet. Nearly made our first waitress faint in Baltimore when I asked her why she didn’t card me. She thought I was a shopper and she’d be fired now. Funny…until you contemplate that I could have cost her her job….
  • Everything seems smaller than it used to be. And it’s not just my opinion, Mel’s sharing it apparently. Mabye it is because we DID some growing up…rather some more maturing now inbetween. For almost a decade, we’re out of college now. Earning our own money. Living on our own with all the insurances, invoices and obligations life brings with itself. More creature comforts, the whole nine yards. Back then, going out for dinner or lunch was special, now, even though it’s not an every day thing, it’s not out of the ordinary anymore; fun, yes, but absolutely ‘ohmygosh’…nah. It’s just…normal.
  • Been shopping quite a few times now. Only ONCE did a person pay with check. What happened???
  • We still haven’t arrived yet. Everything feels different and a tad unreal/surreal. Tad like Crusoe, we’ve been away for a few years and life didn’t stop, rather to the contrary, there were changes and a lot of them. It’s like having to rediscover something that seems vaguely familiar….or chasing after a dream when in the process of waking up….

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