Day Seven

Virginia Beach, Day Two

Considering the weather was stable this morning, read: cloudy but dry with the occasional spot of sun, we decided to head up through the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel & Bridge to Chincoteague. Whoever doesn’t know what that is…trust me, it’s worth the 2 1/2 hr ride. Totally amazing. National Wildlife Refuge with wild ponies. We did see two herds but what in my eyes was even better was having a bunch of their squirrels in front of my decidedly uncool Sony Ericsson camera cellphone. I really have to get a digital SLR but frankly, spending money on the trip was more important. Next time around. But the photo opps… darn shame I couldn’t make use of them properly, we were THAT close to some of them squirrels. Think grey squirrels….and think ‘size medium’ then think ‘size extra-large’ and you have these squirrels size-wise. Just great. And as for endangered species and we should consider us lucky if we even see one…at a dozen, we stopped counting 🙂

The downside of the day was, that I was in constant pain during our hike. In the morning, I tried to kick the comfy chair out of the way with my left foot, more exactly: the left pinky toe. I didn’t succeed, the chair remained in place but I think the whole darn hotel heard my scream. Mel experienced the scream and got the visual of me hopping around like Rumpelstiltskin, cursing the paint off the walls. Anyhow, I got my foot into my most comfortable, read: wide, pair of shoes and suffered through the hike. It was well worth it, but when we came ‘home’ and I took off the shoes…whelp, the toe is red and blue now. Very patriotic, at least some white is left, too. I refrained from singing the star spangled banner though, instead Mel forced me to bath (BATH??) my foot in cold water. Funny, bath usually has me associate warm water and some nice scent in it. This water was fit for penguins. As in ICEBERG AHEAD, SIR!. Now, I basically have no feeling in my left foot, frostbrand, I’m sure…let’s see how tomorrow will turn out to be.

What really sucked today though was the fact that the suction cap broke off the window mounting device of our GPS. And a replacement was not to be bought in stores today.Maybe via Amazon, but I’ll first give Tomtoms customer support a try tomorrow, apparently, this is a common issue, and we do have a two year warranty, hopefully, they will accomodate us quickly here in the US, because it is a tad of a nuisance having to hold on to the GPS for the driver to see for the whole trip. Talk about unskilled labor. Oh…the pinging noise btw? DOES stem from the GPS, color me amused.

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