Day Eight

The only April foolin’ I had today was my toe vis a vis long hikes. Figures.

I wasn’t of much use today on account of no shoe really quite fitting and me really not feeling like squeezing into a shoe. So what we did was driving down to Norfolk Naval Base and taking a tour there. Almost an hour’s worth of a bus tour with an actually rather cute Airman (of the female persuasion, mind you. I am secure in my masculinity but still I’d never refer to a guy as cute. Nu-Uh!). It was her first tour she did all by herself and she was nervous enough….but won everyone over with her personality. I’m sure once she’s done it a few times she’ll be even better…and know how many Enterprises there have been until now (I was not allowed to help her…Mel kicked my shin a few times to stop me from offering some explanations….hmmmm).

It was most impressive, at least on my account, and considering there was no snoring from my left side, at least Mel didn’t find it too boring, either. She did actually perk up when we went past their version of D-Hall and saw a bunch of pilots (….) in their dungarees heading in. Hmmmmm.

All in all, it was….great. I mean, seriously, I’ve only read about the things I saw, my only visual experiences were via movies and pictures. I honest to God saw the USS Enterprise (aircraft carrier, you geek) and the USS George Washington up close. As in less than 30m away from us. That’s 90 feet to you metric challenged people out there. Seriously…I had goosebumps. Plus all the support vessels and what not…and all the aircraft involved. And we’re not only talking Navy here, also USMC (Hurra!). Harriers and what not. Plus we got a good looking at from upstairs, there were two Hawkeyes on patrol over us. Plus on our way back home we were escorted by two least I am convinced they were, and I could be mistaken, but I am quite positive that they did a saluting wing-waggling at us before they turned and went into overdrive. Wild imagination, I think not.

The rest of the day we spent in the hotel room, Mel doing some of her homework for OSU, me relishing in the afterglow of a great experience. Tomorrow, it’s gonna be turtle time at the Virginia Aquarium. TURTLES! A lot of them. And…well, I’ll write more about that tomorrow. Stay tuned

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