Day Nine, Part II

So, yeah, this is backdated, but for obvious reasons I didn’t quite feel like writing… Warning, it’s a tad graphic after the break, might not want to read on if your stomach is upset easily….

Nothing much happened after the turtles. A walk up and down the beach just for the heck of it, some more postcards got bought on account of us wanting to write a postcard to each and everyone contributing to our wedding (there are a lot and we’re finally half way through the list. sheeeeeesh…) and then we made the biggest mistake on our trip yet. We went grocery shopping…and bought a bowl of refrigerated, microwaveable mac’n’cheese. About 2 1/2 hrs after I had my half of it, I felt *sick* as in rushing to the toilet and hugging the bowl, praying to the oh-lord of stomach sickness (I know, Pratchett-esque, forgive me but I always liked the oh-lord of hangovers…). It didn’t stop there though. Let’s just say my whole system got a thorough once-through throughout the night, not much sleep was had from my side, I had quite a fever and went through liquids fast. 

Mel wasn’t as lucky, read: she took longer to feel sick, she only started in the middle of the night and ‘just’ felt sick but didn’t throw up or anything while I had the shakes and everything. It felt like the one time I had the noro virus but at least I didn’t have to hug a bucket while sitting on the bowl…. graphic enough for y’all? 😉

On that note, and with the ongoing construction noise from across the street where they are currently building the new Hampton Inn which starts at 7 AM IN THE FRIGGING MORNING with some hammering down of columns or whatever 20 feet or deeper into the earth…despite the otherwise great experiences, I don’t mind leaving Virginia Beach behind tomorrow…if we can drive that is.

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