Day Ten

We actually braved the trip to Harrisonburg today….

So, off we went in the morning to Harrisonburg, despite our mutual sickness. We didn’t feel well at all, at that time though Melanie was certain that she’d be able to make the drive. To make a long story short, the four hour trip took us more like six to seven as we made lots of stops at rest areas to nap, we felt that worn out, which was no surprise after all considering the night we spent last, i.e. low on sleep and what not. 

We arrived in one piece at the Days Inn in Harrisonburg, walking distance to the campus…and oh my lord, did Harrisonburg and JMU grow. We couldn’t see much as about after lunch time rain started pouring down, but during the eight years we’ve been gone, it seemed like Harrisonburg was busy….

Anyway, we arrived, schlepped our stuff into the room, closed the door and fainted into bed at 5 PM…and woke up at 9 again…felt a tad better, watched some more tv…and then just slept on…. gosh golly darn. I still wonder if we should have stayed one more night at VA Beach…on the other hand though, here we are able to sleep a night through without being woken at 7 in the morning unable to really return to sleep afterwards….tomorrow, it’s a splash from the past, looking up the good ghosts of International Student Services, Gina, and, if she’s still around, Donna, Uncle Bijan, the by now retired professor who was the head of the program for as long as we can think…who still teaches apparently, and our former roomie, Andreas, who’s STILL at JMU, likely still on his umpteenth extended H1B, possibly sometime in the future with a greencard as well…I almost feel bad for fast-tracking him….

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