Day Twelve

The night was over at eight in the morning…    
when Melanie informed me in terms leaving nothing open to interpretation (get up, I want to be out of the hotel today by nine the latest)that it’d be time to leave the cozy comfort of my bed, shower and have breakfast. Being the well trained obedient loving husband that I am, I followed through and by 9:05 we were in the car and off to the Skyline Drive, Thornton Gap (that’s Luray caverns area) to drive south to Waynesboro and then head over to Staunton to meet Mary and Mike for lunch and chit-chat at Le Cracker Barrel. 

So much for the plan. I dunno why, but for some reason we miscalculated our route. The trip would have taken tremendously longer than the time we had available, for one reason because the trip to Luray took longer than we anticiapted…and then the speed limits basically slowed us down enough to not make a good enough time. Very scenic, mind you, a grand sight…but at this time of the year strangely empty. No deer at all, something that never happened to us before. We saw maybe half a dozen birds throughout our drive…and that was that. Not even on Big Meadows, the place usually having quite a lot of tame deer around, was any life apart from a few visitors to the Byrd Visitors Center found. Odd that.

So we left the Drive at Elkton and headed to Staunton on less scenic but faster roads and made it more or less in time. We had a blast with Mary and Mike, very comfortable chatting and good lunch followed by an interesting drive through Staunton. At times we thought we’d have been translocated to San Francisco, I swear, the way some of those roads angled DOWN…wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

Time flew by fast unfortunately and after an early dinner at Applebee’s we then drove back to the Barrel to get into our car again. Poor Mary has a shift starting at 4 in the morning…yikes. We’ll definitely have to do that again. And I got my first ever girl scout cookies, made from (with?) real girl scouts. No sampling tonight though, nope nope. 😉

Tomorrow it’s gonna be some shopping in the morning and then off to the farm, see how/if everything changed there. All of a sudden, time starts to fly. Why now?

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