Day Thirteen

Day three at Harrisonburg

Today Mel and I again went shopping for a bit. Valley Mall has a different layout than we are  used to along with a few different stores than we are used to, but for kicks we went once again to JC Penny’s. And actually got lucky there. Mel has the ‘problem’ of being of the long-legged variety, which necessitates ‘L’ sizes. Frankly, in Germany, shopping for pants is at times frustrating. She always finds favorable pants, yeah, but the problem is that they more often than not are too short. This time? 3 out of 4 were a perfect fit. Wheee. 

After some more shopping, we then headed out to the farm we used to spend too much time at during College, Mel even more than me. Now this was seriously like coming home, the thirty minute trip through Dayton and Bridgewater…and just before heading into Churchville, you drive off the paved road (heh, seriously, I love that. Gravel road for a few miles, this is cool) and drive along the acres of land up to the farmhouse. It looked just like…well, no, not quite. The farmhouse itself burned down a few years ago but a new one was built on site. Spanking new, double garage and pretty. The rest of the farm is as we both remembered it, a bit run-down but workable, less poultry than I remember (ok, there now are three male peacocks, I am used to one only)…and the manager warned us that there’d be four dogs. The whole weekend was rainy, there’s not much concrete on the roads there…nor gravel…and there was a ton of dogs, not just four of them, more like a dozen. Now imagine them charging us, all with wagging tongues, wildly twitching tails….and big doggy smiles….to jump us. Literally. They were that happy to see us…yeah…and our clothes showed it. And the car. The silver car with muddy dog footprints all over it now. Looks like we have to wash the car. Soon.

We spent a few hours on the farm, touring it, they currently have 16 ewes, each of them at least with twins, some with triplets these years, and no, I was NOT ALLOWED TO KEEP ONE, SCANDALOUS!!! One of the dogs I really took a liking to and vice versa, he’s a huge, shaggy, fluffy, darling, white Pyrennees dog, Raphael or just ‘Raffy’. Great dog. If we ever move to the US and get a  downsized ex-farm to live on, yanno, stable big enough for four horses and maybe 3 acres of land, that’s a dog I will get.

A few of the horses we still knew, the little kitten from eight years ago now is Lord of the Barn…but still loves his scritches from me…it was like the wheel of time was turned back *sigh* But anyhow, after that we headed back to the hotel to change into something non-muddy…and then met with Andreas, our ex-roomie, and his girlfriend for dinner at the Boston Beanery. They no longer have the Mushroom Chicken Alfredo on the menu..and what kinda ticked me off was that they came back with my credit card to politely inform me that they would not accept foreign credit cards. It’s a bloody MasterCard. Last time I checked it is illegal NOT to accept a credit card from a foreign bank if it is of a variety accepted by the place in principle, i.e. if they accept American Visa Cards, they have to accept ALL Visa Cards, after all, what’s the point in having a particular credit card if it is NOT accepted at all the particular credit card places. First time this ever happened to me. Ah well, we had enough cash with us, but still. Sheeesh.

Now, we’re back at the hotel, and, after a quick chat, decided to extend our stay by one more day. Which I am looking greatly forward to. When did the JMU merchandise turn that expensive though? 80 bucks for a sweater…????

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