Day Fifteen


This morning, we left Harrisonburg for Kentucky, much to both our dismay. It was fun, it was great….and we each behaved in the bookstore. I refrained from going wild and just got a hoodie sweater, Mel went for a hoodie sweater and a t-shirt. So hard to not get more stuff…Sheesh…but…well, they DO have an online store, so….; And then, off to Kentucky we were.

It IS a long drive, at least to Continental Europeans, about 660km to Lexington, Kentucky. We made a stop-over at New River Gorge…more specifically at the Sandstone Falls…and I took a few pictures…

So, anyway, I hope they turn out right. I will set up a little gallery once I’m home. It’s not like I took a lot of pictures, but some…and some of them even turned out alright, some I have to modify a tad as especially one I want to see (a peacock at Henry’s farm just taking off into flight…awesome but too bright) has me itching to work it over with a few tools…Have I mentioned already that I NEED A DIGITAL SLR???? Often enough yet? 🙂

Either which way, we arrived, checked in, had dinner and tomorrow morning we’re off to the Kentucky Horse Park. 9:15 AM? Draft Horses time. Yeeeehaaa! The way here was fun already, you know you’re in Kentucky when the landscape makes way for all those white-fenced farms…I’d like to have one of these…

One more thought vis a vis Virginia though… You always read how General Lee turned down command of the Union Army because of his loyalty to and love for Virginia. He did not care much for the cause of the Confederate States, but he did what was morally and emotionally right for him and by him. At least that’s what you get to read, over and over again. Honestly speaking though…just reading about it is one thing. Once you live in Virginia for a while though…I have to say when we left Virginia today, I started to understand old Bobby E. The typical landscape you see nowhere else, the rolling, green hills, the cedars, the rich, red earth…you do start to feel a certain ache and there is a certain passion…and yeah, I slowly start to really understand what made him turn down the command now. Here’s tipping my hat to you, Granny Lee!


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