Day Fourteen

Day Four at Harrisonburg

So, we did extend our stay by one day. Already getting sad a bit about leaving ‘our home’ again tomorrow. Despite all changes, it still is Harrisonburg, it still is ‘our’ place. Ah well, you always have to leave a place to be able to return to it I guess. Still, there are times where you’d rather stay for good instead of returning sometime in the future, however distant that might be. Good times, meeting friends from ‘way back when’ and the certainty, that in fact we WERE remembered by the people who were and are important to us here, even though contact might not have been as close as it should have been, but, hey, if this isn’t the best opportunity to remedy that fact, what is?

We didn’t do much today apart from delivering the last chocolates for this area we packed and hanging out with a few more people (Liz, here’s looking at you). A few purchases at the JMU bookstore (sweater for each of us, t-shirt for the wife, a few stickers for the car, a pin for my suit (yes, out and proud…at least when it comes to JMU) and maybe two more basecaps tomorrow…but we’ll see. Some necessary laundry…and we’re good to go tomorrow morning.


Here’s to you, JMU, with all your great people, hope you’ll have us back sooner rather than later. Thanks, Gina, Donna, Uncle Bijan, Andreas, Marcie, Henry, and Liz, for taking the time to meet us again. It was great seeing y’all after so many years, we’ll try to not again take eight years to be back, promise.

And tomorrow, it’s onwards to Lexington, Kentucky. Horseys!


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  1. Who would have thought you would have to leave home in Germany, go to school in Virginia to meet the love of your life who is from Germany. It’s a small world indeed. “Aint no river wide enough”

    So glad to see you!