Day Eighteen

Let’s twist again


Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore…

I’ll get to the intro in a bit. First things first though.

This morning, Mel and I headed back to OSU campus. For one thing, I learned by now that few people refer to OSU as OSU but rather to Ohio State. Talking about OSU will more often result in a kind of ‘huh?’ expression (and no, I am not Horton) than immediate understanding. Hmmmm. The stadium? Is HUGE when you stand in front of it, the rotunda though needs a paint job. Heretic, I know, still. And the concrete job? Needs to be redone, it’d likely look better tiled…or…well, cobblestone…anything but that concrete. Walking across campus though, admittedly without any time pressure on account of having to get from one class to the next during the five minute break time, isn’t actually as bad as I thought it would be immediately. The main campus is all within (easy) walking distance. Yes, it is bigger than JMU, but not huge, i.e. you don’t need to pack water and MREs in order to cross campus. I also was able to leave behind the two sticks you usually take along on wilderness tracks. You know, the one to hold on to when you have to step out in the steppe (sorry, couldn’t resist that one), the other to fend off wolves while doing so. Or in Ohio State case: Wolverines 😉

After that, we headed for the Franklin Conservatory Park…where they have a, well, conservatory. Which has its annual spring exhibit of blooms and butterflies with, you guessed it, butterflies (remember that we had to skip that in D.C., so this was the raincheck kinda). Just in time for the 1 pm event, release of butterflies just hatched out of crysalis. Mel was suitably awed, her smile about on par with my sea turtle smile. Not too shabby actually.

The rest of the day is quickly told, I finally found me my new laptop backpack at a bargain price that’s actually a steal, sweet big Wenger one, that’s the company behind the Swiss Army Knives. I like.

All through the day, we had a severe weather warning, as in massive rain and some scattered thunderstorm, surprisingly though, rather as always during our vacation, Mel and I were lucky and it only started raining when we exited the conservatory. Mel has her interviews scheduled for Monday, 9:30 AM and meets, among others, the Chair of the Department for Management and Human Ressources most likely…I guess this is kinda serious, so she is, as I am writing, working on her CV. Hahummm. The point I wanted to make though is that we currently have Tornado warnings in counties a mere 30 miles to the north. I…ummmm. Let’s just say that this is new to me, I never had that before. All local channels with interruptions, updates, doppler radar, people being told to head into the basements, etc. We never got that in Harrisonburg during my time…nor have I ever seen or heard anything similar in Germany. It’s past now, mostly, for the time being and we only got some downpour which wasn’t that dramatic, either…but… yanno… being only 30 miles from a Tornado warning…and learning that a Tornado warning means that there IS a Tornado but it hasn’t ‘touched down’ yet…ummmm…. *cough* I have to chew on that one for a bit I guess.

Tomorrow, it’s off to the Equine Affaire…and that’S why I turn in now and head to bed. G’night. More news tomorrow.

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