Interlude II

What I don’t get….

Yanno, eight years ago, a speed limit was a speed limit. People, at least where we used to drive, i.e. Virginia, parts of Pennsylvania, parts of Ohio and on our trip to Boston, stuck to it. These days? It’s more like a suggestion apparently, but not even in a Dutch Uncle kinda way, people mostly don’t give a hoot. Note: These days in Germany? It’s more and more common that you can’t drive as fast as the limit is courtesy of the amount of cars on the erstwhile fast Autobahn…. 

What’s with them RVs? Again, eight years ago, you did see a few big ones. A few of them had the ‘spending our childrens’ inheritance’ stickers on them which we found kinda cute. These days though? You have them huuuuuge RVs…with an SUV/Pickup Truck/Sedan IN TOW. I swear, in Germany, you need a commercial licence for these kinda arrangements. Over here, you have some grizzled, tiny men or women barely able to look over the steering wheel…and there are a LOT of them around. Florida shutting down or what?

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