Day Twenty

Would you like some Bratwurst and Sauerkraut over your Lederhosen?

Gosh golly darn, it was *cold* today. And, in hindsight, we should have swapped yesterday and today. Turns out that most of the intersting touristy stuff is closed on Sundays in the German Village, downtown area of Columbus settled by Germans in the mid 1800s. Interesting fact: About a third of the population hailed from Germany, so there’s still a rather strong German community down there, and…well, let’s get back to that in a bit.

When we got to the German Village, we had not much of a problem finding a place to park the car. First stop was Katzinger’s Delikatessen, a rather smashing sandwich place/delicatessen. Wow, more than 80 different sandwiches alone, and, holy moly, they actually have real bread. Yanno, with a crust, texture, different kinds of bread and all of them look like they could be purchased from any bakery in Germany. IF we move to Columbus, I definitely know where we can get our bread from. Yay! I went for a Reuben, which was…just…great. I’m serious, I had my share of Reubens, this one won by about fifty lengths compared to the rest of the field. Plus they had a ‘free pickles’ barrel, which, admittedly, held the best pickled cucumbers I ever had. Sorry, Germany, but this one takes the prize.

The rest was a nice little stroll through the historic area, they have a private conservation organisation and they are doing a rather decent job. As Mel had an aching tooth though, there wasn’t much going to check out the local eateries though, I have to admit though that I am kinda morbidly curious to see people dressed in bavarian traditional clothing in the US serving food which, by common judging from all of the different travel guides, seems to be excellent, authentic German, some of them with modern twists. Hmmmhmmhmm, I am quite sure we haven’t been to Columbus for the last time, so… ‘aufgeschoben ist nicht aufgehoben’. Have fun translating that 🙂

After two hours though we had enough, it started to rain, it was cold, temps in the mid 30s, that’s about 7 to 8 degrees Celsius to those people who stick to metrics, and we headed back to the DaysInn.

Mel spent part of the afternoon to work on her CV for tomorrow, then we decided to go to the movies early. The cinema I chose was smack dab in the middle of the Easton Square Mall. A nice European touch to the buildings…all very classy, looks great, tons of stores…and a huge cinema in there, 30 screens. And that’s just one of a dozen cinemas here? And one of four malls here in Columbus and how many in the area? Egads.

The movie? Hilarious. Great. We saw teasers for Wall-E, Kungfu Panda, Ice Age 3 and SpeedRacer, I still have to see Leatherheads…and boy, it just figures that the movie I was telling Hollywood to do back when they released Lethal Weapon IV…opens next friday, when Mel and I touch down in Germany again. Jet Li and Jackie Chan…now if Chow Yun Fat would be there, it would be utterly blizz. But those two…good enough that I will order the DVD before even having seen the movie in cinema 🙂

Alright, enough for today, we both are rather excited about Mel’s interview tomorrow… Stay tuned, more news tomorrow.

Edit: Figures, set the wrong filters for the last two entries, draft instead of publish. Sorry 😉

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