Day Twentyone

The Wife! She writes!! 😉

Since Colin spent most of the day at the hotel, I guess it’s my turn to come up with an entry for today.

We got up early and I got all dressed up with the business clothes we have been schlepping around the last few weeks just for this occasion. The trip to campus – my first of three that day – during rush-hour was surprisingly smooth. I did find one tiny traffic jam, but one had to be very quick to see it at all. Columbus 1 : Duesseldorf 0

Starting to work off my last-minute list of important must-meets, I stopped by the Graduate Programms office first and got all my questions answered by the very helpful staff there. Meeting my former professor next was fun. We talked a little shop and it was apparent that we do share research interests. She introduced me to the Chair of the Department, but somehow things started to go downhill from there. I couldn’t connect – you know, this feeling that you and your conversation partner are on the same page. Let’s face it, my job requires me to be a pro in this, but today was not my day. He checked out some of my credentials and gave me some advise for my application, which I will definitively follow – I’m a smart girl and listen very closely to the people determining my fate at OSU, although I don’t think he got that impression from me. He introduced me to another professor who is significant in the application process – and again I screwed up. I desperately needed a break after that and headed back to the hotel. Columbus is just great, 15 minutes from downtown OSU area to the hotel which is outside of city limits.

After lunchbreak I went back to campus, hoping to meet another colleague of my former professor’s who wasn’t in his office in the morning. He’s the lead researcher in my area of interest, therefore definitively another must-meet on my list. But my "bad luck" continued – office door closed, no one home. So I hiked across campus and tried to talk to the International Students office regarding my status. If people from JMU read this: I now appreciate you guys even more – International Student Services at JMU rock!!! Would you believe that I had to fill out a form to get a walk-in-appointment with an advisor. Being a nice person, I did not say anything mean to the swamped lady at the front desk and waited 30 minutes just to get confirmation that with a greencard I’m not an international student anymore. Guess I could have answered that question for myself…

Returning to Fisher Hall, I again only found closed doors. I guess I have to re-evaluate the workload of being a professor and I should hone my skills at buzzword bingo just in case the typical professor is also infected with meetingitits. 🙂

Again, back to the hotel, back into tourist clothes and back to campus, this time with Colin and a credit card in tow to stop by the university bookstore. Originally we were planning to deck ourselves out with OSU stuff if the interviews went great, but since I am somewhat doubtful about my success today, we felt that we only deserve baseball caps. Mine is going to live in my office on my desk, reminding me that I have a lot of thinking to do before applying to OSU…

And that’s it from Mel. Lil’ ole me stayed behind at the hotel, actually did go for a walk all by my lonesome and other than that finally caught up a bit on current news and what not. Amazing what zips past you if you don’t read your newspapers for three weeks.

Anyhow, tomorrow morning, it’s off to Philadelphia, which means that the end indeed is near. A pity, but, on the other hand…we’ll be back rather soon I guess. More news tomorrow.

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