Day Twentytwo

Eastwards, ho!

In a kind of reverse trek, we today went back kinda to where we came from. It does kinda feel like settlers ending up where they wanted to end up…then breaking up camp and returning to where they came from. I really have to admit that I kinda was a wee bit choked up when Columbus faded in the rearview mirror.

So, off to Philly we were. As we didn’t get to visit quite as many battlefields as we planned to (none actually) and to make up for my ‘suffering’ through so many horsey things, Mel surprised me by swerving North to Pittsburgh actually. It was….weird kinda. Yanno, all through the mountains, bumpy roads (Pennsylvania at times doesn’t believe in mended road it seems, or they take potholes with pride, I dunno, in some of them you could have hidden an old three-door car..reckon that’s the reason y’all are driving those huge cars these days, a quite different safety measure than Mel and I thought it to be…) and through this tunnel….and all of a sudden, BAM! the skyline of Pittsburgh…and the Heinz Field Stadium. Magical. Y’all might know, I am a huge Steelers…fan doesn’t quite cut it without adding the ‘-anatic’ to it. So going there was…just…special for me. Once around it, able to snatch glimpses of the interior…and boy, at Gate B they have a store INSIDE the great hall…which basically had me entering Heinz Field…and I got to indulge a bit. I skipped the Jersey this time (too expensive, honestly) and just went with a new t-shirt (my old one is old now, I bought it in ’98….and the black is not as black as it used to be I guess…), a baseball cap, a tie (and yeah I am going to wear it in the office when I can get away with it, it’s a rather subtle one), a small, soft pigskin with the Steelers emblem on it to throw against the TV when I am in one of my DOH! moods again (which I am known to be in every so often during games…) and a few postcards for the office. Decided to finally americanize my working place a bit, it will be Ohio State’d, Steeler’d and JMU’d. Hah!

The rest is quickly told today, as it was rather uneventful. Well, not quite though, two things stuck out. For one thing, Delilah still seems to be around doing her radio show, we both were surprised, it’s been a while actually. Brought a smile to our lips. Another…. There are tons of Rock, Classic Rock, Soft Rock and Country stations around, few AC (Adult Contemporary, I used to be a radio jock, so bear with me. Let’s see… a type of radio format that plays mainstream contemporary popular music, excluding hip hop, hard rock, some teen pop music, and rhythmic dance tracks – though during the 2000s, these have been included – which is intended for a mature adult audience. Radio stations playing this format will often target 16-54 year-olds, the group most valued by advertisers. AC is generally divided into 4 groups; "Hot AC," also known as "Adult Top 40," "Soft AC," also known as "Lite," "Urban AC," also known as "Urban Contemporary," and "Religious AC." Some radio stations play only Hot AC; some play only Soft AC, and some play both. Thus it is not usually considered a specific genre of music, since it is merely an assembly of selected tracks of musicians of many different genres. Sorry for that, but I dunno if everyone is familiar with my radio blabberings) and almost no Chart stations. Which is quite different to Germany, where stations mostly play Charts or AC, Rock of any varieties almost never exist anywhere…and there’s absolutely no Country anywhere. Hmmmm.

At around 8:30 pm, we arrived at the Days Inn, this time the one closest to the Philly International Airport. Tomorrow, we’re going to take a Big Bus Tour through Philly…and see what else we can be up to, depending on time. Weather’s supposed to be rather nice, as in sunny and in the 70s. We’ll see.

More news tomorrow! 😉

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