Day Twentyfour

Everything has to end I guess. And so, this trip has to come to an end as well. I am not entirely unhappy that it’s coming to it, but, truth be told, I think I could stay for a while longer, if resources, time and circumstances would permit it.

So, this morning after checking out, we decided to make good on our plan to head to the Philly Zoo. The weather was excellent, likely the reason so many OTHER people had the same great idea as well. Not to mention all those school buses…

Having successfully finished our Tour de Zoo, much to my surprise the school classes were actually well organized and had great study material, the clock told us that it’s time for an already late lunch. Our plan to do some last minute jeans shopping at WalMart was nixed by the fact that where we were at, the nearest WalMart was through Philly and across the bridge into NJ…which we decided against…as for lunch, our choice for (as always on the trip) Bob Evans went unfruitful due to the fact that the closest one was 20 miles WEST of Philly….so on a Thursday, it was Ruby Tuesday’s. Quite decent again.

Before dropping off the rental, we checked in our luggage, which had the added side effect of my spiking blood pressure. We had some extra weight packed away…and they charged us 80 dollars for that. Considering we had only three of our allowed four pieces of luggage, well, we COULD have bought another bag for eight dollars at WalMart and would have been fine and dandy weight-wise. we’ll know better next time. With Lufthansa or United, despite packing more, we never had to pay anything. yet another lesson learned.

Our plans to never fly US Airways again unless we’d really have to were almost nixed. During check-in it was impossible to get adjacent window/aisle seats, yet a customer service rep made it possible within five minutes…including additional leg space…and no emergency exit even. BUT…just before boarding, we were informed, that the flight was overbooked. They offered free roundtrips if people’d decide to fly 24 hrs later…or fly to Manchester and from there to Munich, just adding one hop and three extra hours to the trip, unfortunately they would have been unable to do anything about our connecting flight to Dusseldorf from Munich…and the 24 hrs later option was none due to the fact that we had no cat sitter anymore and we already checked all our luggage, which would have waited for us in Germany…we didn’t want to go into the hotel with just our laptops and handbags…without a change of the unmentionables even, so, sadly, we let those tickets go. Sorely tempted. Next time, I will pack an emergency pack into my carry-on, HAH!

Now, we’re boarding…and preparing for a long flight home. Ah well…

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