Wake-up call, 9 PM

There are things you don’t want to occur when you are on a business trip.

One of them would be your wife calling you at 9 pm at the hotel, asking about your whereabouts. This kinda suprised me, as my business trip to Hamburg on Monday and Tuesday was no surprise to me, considering we drove up together on Friday to meet my Ansgar, my best man, his wife and daughter and ooooh and aaaaah at their new house. She drove back home on Sunday while I checked into the hotel.

So upon my asking if everything’d be alright, she told me that she’d be on her way to the hospital. Nina, someone from the stable’d give her a ride. She didn’t quite know what happened, as she’d be kinda missing fifteen minutes, all she knows is that apparently she fell off our horse and came to herself bruised and battered in the car on the way to the hospital. According to Nina, she was more or less coherent. Unfortunately, she was all by herself in the riding hall but people were around the stable and heard her calling for help. Henry, bless his soul, didn’t freak as he stood nearby, completely docile, ears attentively on her but standing on his reins and thus unable to move. The hall itself had the gate far open, so considering that horses are flight animals, he did good, as always. Melanie has no recollection of what happened and…well, that’s that.

I didn’t quite freak, although, frankly, being 400 kilometers, that’s about 260 miles I guess for you metric challenged people, away is something I could do without. Especially at that time of night, it was nine-ish pm, we had a three course dinner and already moved to the cocktail bar, let’s just say I was instantly sober. Turned out that both Mel’s mother and her aunt are out of town. Mel’s sister didn’t answer her cellphone…so I called a friend of mine, a paramedic with the fire department of my hometown, to get in touch with the hospital for me and keep me posted while I’d start packing, unchecking and getting into high gear. A colleague of mine, who doesn’t drink alcohol, offered to tag along and give me a ride, short-cutting his two day business trip as well. So off to my boss we went, got his immediate blessing and Sixt delivered a good car, good thing we were just around the corner of the next station.

We got down home in a decent time, 2 am-ish in the morning, meanwhile Mel’s sister did get back both to me and Mel. They kept Mel at the hospital, no surprise there, apparently nothing’s broken, she’s just bruised and they did the usual one hour interval checks.

Come this morning, 6:30 am, she called me, asking me to bring some more things. I packed and delivered the stuff, sorely lacking sleep, goes without saying that, once home, I was unable to sleep after all. She looked okay-ish, I’m not a huge fan of the hospital though. The Neurologist checked her out and she did fine during the tests, so tomorrow during ward round, she hopes to be released home as she’s in a three bed room, there are no shades and it’s rather noisy, just what you need with a concussion.

Talk about a scare. More news when I have ’em.

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