Heads Carolina, Tails California

Alright, my bad, I’m not blogging as much and as often as I ought to, but after working on that Libertarian Party website each and every day, frankly I often don’t feel like writing even MORE for my personal site. SO looking forward to releasing that site to production kinda and having other people chipping in there. Which reminds me that I still have to write that darn press release announcing the change to the public. Bleargh. 

But…that’s not the point of this post at all.

It’s getting more and more clear that Mel and I will in fact relocate to the US. The erstwhile plan of Mel going straight to University to pursue her PhD while I’m the sole income person for our household got a serious update to itself. 

One of the points is the fact that Mel, hands down, hasn’t got the time or energy to perpare all by her lonesome for the GRE. 2 1/2 bedroom apartments seriously complicate matters when you don’t have a study. Admittedly, one of the rooms is big enough to serve as living-room and dining-room with her workplace among things, while my workplace is in the rather spacious hallway outside, but for a learning atmosphere, this just don’t work, I do have to be in the apartment as well aside from catching some shut-eye and I can’t always tip-toe like a mouse, period. Likewise taking a four month sabbatical is not an option as in Germany we rather depend on the double income, considering our inflation rate in excess of 3.5% these days….

So, here’s the plan. Mel will go for her PHR certification, Professional in Human Resource Management, which allows her to get placed much easier in a US American company stateside. Downside is that the reactions she gets on the SHRM Forum (SHRM: Professional Societey/Society for Human Resource Management) are rather patronizing and not at all helpful. Implying that she as a foreigner might face language problems is rude, unprofessional and not helpful in the least…not to mention rather off-topic. But why should forums where you pay a membership fee in excess of 80 bucks a year differ from the ones frequented for free on the Internet, morons CAN have a wallet, too apparently.

In the meantime, I am working on my certifications in the Project Management area. We then will relocate to the US late summer/early to mid fall 2009…or spring 2010. Where…we don’t know yet. Work-wise, I am in love with Columbus, Ohio still…although now Seattle came up as well. I guess it’s easier for Mel to find a job than for me, considering I am looking for an IT Project Management position while she’d prefer HR Generalist for a SME/SMB (Small to Medium Enterprise/Small to Medium Business) setting or HR Specialist in something bigger. We’ll see.

We wouldn’t mind going ‘home’ to Virginia, but the biggest Tech area I know there is around DC…and that’s not a place I want to work at. Much as I like Alexandria and Washington DC as a tourist, I can’t imagine commuting through the beltway each and every morning without suffering from a severe case of road rage among other things.

Once we relocated, Mel will look for a GRE study group and that’d be that, they are rather easy to find in the US at almost every College, non-existent in Germany. So after two years, she ought to have her results and we’d be ready for her to go for the PhD and me to take the next step in my career stateside, heck, even finish my degree finally.

All we now have to find is our next home, temporarily or not, in the US. But Germany, we more and more grow tired of…

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