Li Ning went ping

…well, actually he ran along the wall in best Eastern fashion and lit the Olympic Fire.

I have to admit that I am of two minds when it comes to this year’s Olympic Games. Much like I am not sure that it’s a good idea to host the next World Cup (soccer) in South Africa, I’d rather have seen the Olympic Games in another country than the PRC.

But: damning the games is not fair towards the athletes. It’s not their fault, so…yeah, a boycot from a country, in my eyes, a no-go. Y’all had enough time to voice your opinion against the PRC prior to the votes. The votes were cast so what’s done is done. And…I have to admit…the opening ceremonies left me speechless.

Yeah, true, considering there’s about 1.3 billion people in the PRC, it’s easy to get enough people for a ceremony of this magnitude…but the effects…just amazing. And when it comes to fireworks, any other public display will have a damn hard time competing against THAT one. Hoooo boy. Good thing they cleared the air of smog for a few days, what they blew into the air during this display…amazing. I would have hated being in Beijing hungover that night I have to say. Magical. Wonder how this must have looked like from space.

So…now…about the Games…too bad about the time difference, they are 6 hour ahead of me so…basically the events will take place while I am at work. Bleargh. Maybe I’ll be able to at least sneak a few basketball events…we’ll see.

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