Good week

Well, well, well. Looks like there are times that look rather rosy.

First things first. Waiting for my ticket to arrive.

Which one? Weeeeell …. colleague of mine got two tickets for the rapidly sold-out (12 minutes) AC/DC concerts in Germany, namely in Dusseldorf, about 20 minutes away from where I live. March 7th, if my ears still ring on my birthday six days later, it will have been a great concert. Has it really been that long since the Money Talks tour? Egads…Anyhow, I got the limited edition digipack of Black Ice today and already try to get into the mood for the concert…which is easy, the songs are great…right now I miss my long hair…

Next: I finally caved in and got myself a D-SLR, a Canon EOS 450D, to you Yanks…it’s a Rebel XSi. Should arrive sometime next week and I am itching to finally start shooting new pictures again, I kinda fell out of love with my analog SLR due to the increased prices in films, development costs and prints. It’s no fun thinking each and every time you want to press the trigger about how much this shot will be and contemplate whether or not it is a wortwhile one. Bonus: I can continue to use all the lenses on my digital SLR I already bought for my analog SLR which essentially leaves me with quite a nice basic stash of equipment. Hah.

Other than that, we’re planning Florida in November. 10 days all in all, we’re going to see Miami, Orlando, some House of Mouse touring, naturally, Everglades (the Missus), Kennedy Space Center (for me, after all I had family working for the NASA from after WWII up to the Saturn V) and if we’re lucky, we’re even going to catch an NFL game in a stadium. Too bad it’s Florida, I don’t really root for any of the teams there….looks like it’ll be Patriots at Dolphins on the 23rd, still looking foward to being ‘back’ to the NFL. Not quite sure yet which category I’m going to go for, gotta keep the rational balance on that one.

Other than that, looking forward to editing the first novella of my friends, gotta do a good job on these so we get to #8 which will be mine to write. ISBN number and all. Color me excited. If everything goes well, I am already tasked to translating the first series into English. Hahummm

And on that note, that’s it for today. God, am I looking forward to this weekend, I really deserve it this time.

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