Leaving…on a jet plane

…well, not quite, but….

we booked our flights today for a quick trip to Florida end of November. We’ll head into Miami on November 19th and leave on December 1st. Was kinda fun, I got the tickets 200 Euro per person cheaper by chance online than what I would have paid for at the travel agency…or at most other portals. I got the booking confirmation in hand, got the airline e-tickets already, so it is for real, I have no idea WHY they were cheaper than the other sites, and yes, they do have the same restrictions as all the other sites would have…and no, it is not a cargo bay seat. We even get food, although I chickened out and didn’t go for any special meal available…

So, now we have to plan. Miami, Keys, Fort Lauderdale, Disney World, Sea World, Kennedy Space Center and Everglades are the things we HAVE to see. If we still have room for other things, great. If not I think we still have ample of touristing ahead of us. Who knows, I even might get a tan… I think my colleagues will hate me.

What I am most curious about though is how it’s gonna be to enter the US in the citizen queue with a Greencard. Will be a first for us.


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  1. It takes about that long…You could spend 3 or 4 days in Disney and not see everything. The everglades are a day, the keys take a long while to drive to from the everglades (at least to get to key west) so don’t make our mistake and head to the keys after the everglades and think there’d be time.

    Miami is nice. There’s an awesome art deco row of hotels and great restaurants near the coast. We stayed at the Biltmore which was very nice.

    If you have any questions let me know. We did many of those things so we might have some idea about logistics.