5 Friends – Vote!

I have to admit that I am impressed. As some of you know, I am politically active here in Germany. Member of the Libertarian Party, even elected into a few boards and what not, maxing out at state level, but hey, it’s something at least.

The problem is…not only is it uncool to be active, it also starts turning into a rather rare thing.

And now, I see this.

or that.

Ever since the beginning of the whole election campaigning, I’ve been fascinated with what’s happening across the pond. I have to admit, while being in the US in March/April, I was firmly in the Clinton Camp.


I did switch allegiance in the meantime and am firmly in the Obama Camp. Why? Good question…and not easily answered. Obviously, he’s the Democrat. He’s not beyond retirement age and more likely young enough to live to see the end of his first legislature. Plus…his VP candidate is not…well, let’s not go there. I have this gut feeling that this Change could be something good. At least it’s something the country needs, and, without sounding too much like a bad Hollywood flick, maybe what the world needs. The…well, I think ‘wave’ going through Germany when Obama was in Berlin was impressive. People became interested again. Politicians woke up, some actually took notes and changed their behaviour. They became more real, more voter oriented, touchable, ‘there’, if that makes any sense, and they started believing. "Yes, we can" is something not unique to the US. But rare in Germany. Germans are really good at feeling sorry for themselves, which, admittedly, is easier. Having the choice between sulking in the corner or rolling up your sleeves and get going, let’s just say you can enjoy your beer and your bratwurst much better while sulking than while having your hands full with work. ’nuff said.

So, why the title? Rather simple. I accidentally stumbled across that 5 Friends campaign…and am impressed. Wishing actually that we’d have something like that in Germany. Celebrities who actually manage to reach kids…people, well those who matter and motivate them to vote, to get involved. It’s really sad over here, those age groups who have the biggest need to have their voice heard and acted upon are strangely silent, while senior citizen interests are pushed through easily. My hopes are that there will be change. Even over here. So….yay 5 friends.

November 4th. It’s that simple. Go out, and vote!

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