Beyond the Sea

Something’s wrong. I went to bed at a normal time for me, 11 pm. And at 6 in the morning, I was wide awake. Not tired. Ready to begin the day. Well, as our next leg of the trip was about to begin, i.e. Key West, I figured what the heck and woke up Mel. After explaining to her that I think it’d be neat to start our tour in the early morning sun way before rush hour or anything else…and as we wanted to take the first glass bottom boat tour at 9:15 am at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, Mel was surprised but more than willing to start the day as well.

Where exactly did the image of me being of the cave bear mentality come from? It’s not like I usually sleep ’til lunch time during vacations.


Aaanyhow, off we went and I have to tell you, the drive during early morning sunshine was rather spectacular. Highway 1 is nice, you have a perfect view on both the Straits of Florida (Atlantic Ocean side) and Floriday Bay (that’d be the other side), and the water sparkled like…ok, no, I won’t go there, it’s getting a tad too cheesy for my taste.

Arriving at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, the tour was grand. Spectacular even. I am so happy having my D-SLR, you have no idea. I enjoy taking pictures with my differfent lenses quite a lot without being guilt-tripped by going through film after film after film ad nauseum. Gotta see how some of them turn out after editing, gotta play around a bit with exposure on some of them due to the massive sun. But I got some real keepers among them.

The coral reef was great. Really. Vibrant with life, I saw a few stingrays, jellyfish and the usual suspects of doctorfish, barracuda and, well, what you’d expect. I was seriously tempted into taking another trip, this time for snorkeling. Water temperature in the 70s, Fahrenheit that is, 23 degrees Celsius for all the metric people. Just…nice, but, alas, I have no swimming gear with me…nor do I want to end up at an aquarium, courtesy of Greenpeace, as the first Beluga Whale in Floribbean waters. No way, Sir!

Deciding to postpone any further sightseeing to the way back, we then proceeded on our way to Key West, hopping from island to island on our way there. The hotel we are booked into is actually rather, and here I have to take a quick look around, for Mel doesn’t want me to use that word anymore, quaint. Banana Bay Beach Resort. We have a cute room with pool and bay view (!), a four poster kingsize bed and some matching furniture, bamboo and wicker style. A decent cocktail bar, a small beach, pool, jacuzzi, it’s nice.

We took a quick hop downtown to have dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe (picking up a t-shirt for a colleague of mine, he collects them) and then returned to simply zone out. Relax. And enjoy, it IS a vacation after all. It’s end of November, Mel’s in shorts and t-shirt, I wear a short sleeve shirt…and I actually have a bit of a sunburn on the tip of my nose…. I could get used to this. Heaven help me.

More news tomorrow.


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  1. Good to hear you’re having fun in the sun 🙂

    We’re still dealing with intermittent snow here.