Ok. Before we went to Key West, I got told over and over that either we fall head over heels in love with Key West…or that we will absolutely hate it.

Leaving Key Largo yesterday, I have to admit that a certain queasy feeling started spreading in my stomach when looking left and right, at least when it was…I was about to type civilized, but I think ‘looking lived-in’ would be more appropriate. Quite a few parts on the way to Key West have seen better times. Alright, yeah, they do get their share of hurricanes, still, some places look like they’d fare badly with or without the climate drawbacks down there.

Key West now…yeah, there are areas I’d rather not hang out in, and yeah, the whole town doesn’t quite look pristine and orderly, but it has a certain je ne sais quoi, a certain something, a charming way to grow on you….so I guess both Mel and I subscribe to the first group kinda-ish. Not head over heels, but we certainly want to return. We even joked about opening a German restaurant, because something like that is missing over there. The ‘Oktober Schnitzel’, every month there’d be a different ‘Schnitzel of the month’ among other things, Bratwursts and other typical German dishes would be available…and we’d have a ‘Blackforest Key Lime Pie’. Think Blackforest Cherry Cake, get rid of the cherry jam, substitute the cream with Key Lime Pie cream, substitute candied cherry with candied lime and sprinkle some white chocolate flakes on top of it. I bet we’d get customers, quite a lot of them, especially when having typical German beer on tap as well….

We took the trolley tour in the morning, I rather liked it. The 90 minutes just flew by, then we got off at Mallory Square and took a stroll around, ending up at the Hog’s Breath. With a smirk on my face, I purchased an appropriate black t-shirt for the AC/DC concert I am going to attend in March, figures that I no longer have something to wear to a rock concert…this here metalhead got domesticated for good it seems.

There was a HUGE cruise ship berthed at Mallory Square, the Norwegian Pearl, naturally flooding Key West with tons of additional tourists. A bit much for my taste, but hey, it was offseason after all and could have been MUCH worse.After another quick stroll, we decided to return to the resort for a few hours to soak up a few more sunrays at their pool/beach area and then return in time for the sundown.

Mel convinced me to leave my camera in the hotel as the crowd’d likely negatively impact my attempts to take a few nice shots. In hindsight, I’m still not sure if I should have taken my camera nevertheless, as it wasn’t THAT crowded, one reason having been that the cruise ship lifted anchor and sailed out an hour before to catch the sundown on their way out, still, there were quite a few people around. Not too keen on street artists, I kinda had my share of those metal robot men, a few decent jugglers were around, but, seriously, what’s the deal with three acts next to each other, all of them juggling torches, knives and having dogs doing (almost identical) tricks? Especially hollering at the audiences attending the show NEXT to them to pay attention to their act instead? Plus….while I appreciate the fact that Key West is a tad more liberal, still, I don’t have to stand next to a happy foursome swapping women and men to fondle each other throughout sundown…especially when they are in their 40s, they should be able to afford a room. Eh. 20 years ago I would have stared, 10 years ago I would have offered a few snide comments, these days, I am actually just annoyed. Hmmmmm.

The sundown was pretty fast actually, once the sun decided to go down that is. It was ok-ish. Not as spectacular as I would have expected it to be, but not too shabby, either. we then went for another dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe for lack of inspiration…and had spectacular salads, a great view from our outside tables…and for my side yet another good beer I never had before. Shock Top…tasty. I really could get used to the idea of staying for a longer vacation at Key West. Hahummm.

Now we’re back at the Banana Bay Resort. Wish I could take the bed along, it’s soooo comfy. Plus the sound of the surf outside along with the rustling of the palm and banana tree leaves are rather relaxing….in fact so relaxing that I have to call it a night. Which I will do.

More news tomorrow.

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