See you later, Alligator!

So, we DID find something about Key West we hate.


Seriously, I can’t say this often enough, we loved it. I am certain that staying during peak season would quickly cure me of my infatuation with this place, crowds of tourists, heat and humidity’d easily remedy that, but November in Key West is just right up my alley. I’m certain this wasn’t our last trip here…nor our last stay at the resort.

Today promised to be interesting though. We’re off to Florida City, more or less the doormat of the Everglade National Park. I found out on our way to Key West that we actually have Sirius Satellite Radio. in 1998, I imagined something like this for my senior thesis for my Bachelor in Media Management. As I dropped out, I never got around to putting my thesis to paper and thus my idea of a countrywide bunch of radio stations…and got a rather nasty wake-up call when Sirius entered the market. And yeah, it’s as good as I dreamed about ten years ago. Pity I never got to write my thesis…and an even bigger pity I didn’t get to work on that project…or maybe even beating Sirius in the race to market with my own concept, but you know what they say about hindsight. The great thing? We didn’t have to pay extra for Sirius, when we booked the car in Germany, the compact was just 22 bucks more expensive than the economy one, so we just figured ‘what the heck’. If I’d have known it comes with Sirius, we’d already have had a compact during our trip last spring. Heh.

On the way there, we stopped at the Big Pine Key National Deer Refuge. A tad sobering, seriously, they have to do something about their marketing. Not very tourist friendly, so we just went to one place, the ‘Blue Hole’, a pond close to No Name Key. We weren’t quite the first to arrive there, having started the trip at 8:30 in the morning, we met a Volunteer. Just when chatting about there not being many gators around and us being lucky if we’d see one today, Mel tugged on my sleeve to show me the gator just wallowing below us. We were informed that it’d be the resident lady, measuring only 6′. Took a few good pictures of her, then spotted a Florida Soft Shell Turtle, followed by a hunting Osprey, a Common Moorhen, a bunch of Blue and Green Herons, a Great Egret, a Double Crested Cormorant and a White Ibis, most of them I managed to get in front of my lense.

Driving on, we didn’t want to wait two more hours for the Turtle Hospital offering one of their tours so we ended up at the Hungry Tarpon on Islamorada for lunch. Sitting outside, I blinked, reached for my camera bag, snatched my telezoom lense for my camera and stalked off after having ordered, leaving Mel behind for a few minutes. After all, I just spottedĀ  (OK, so Mel spotted them, as she just corrected me in no uncertain terms by slapping my dangling foot repeatedly while reading. Here, I stand corrected, now quit taking it out on my poor body, please?) a few White and Brown Pelicans. Got a few really nice shots of them, too. I bet Mel curses her luck for not getting me a DSLR sooner, considering my renewed interest in nature.

We arrived at our hotel at 3ish in the afternoon and decided to take a first peek into the Everglade National Park to plan tomorrow accordingly. Another few neat and impressive pictures. What exactly is a bunch of turkey vultured called. Flock? Murder? It is an interesting sight, let me say that, to see about 100 of them circling over the Visitor Center. One of the mosquitos decided to eat out today and go German. Let’s just hope she didn’t find a liking to it and wants seconds, it was itching like heck and prompted us to stop at good old Wal-Mart on our way back…to get a salad for dinner…and a Benadry Itch Relief Stick…plus an Insect Repellent for tomorrow.

So we’re now back at the hotel, watching NFL (YAAAAAAAY) and will likely call it an early night in order to get an early start again for our upcoming Everglade tour.

More news tomorrow.

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