Crocodile Rock

And yet another early morning start. Let’s see if this turns into a habit. Considering freezing temperatures in Germany though along with four inches worth of snow overnight….I think not 😉
A decent breakfast was had in the hotel ‘lobby’, although it was spoiled a bit by the amount of fellow German citizens chattering on around us oblivious to anybody else. Nice going, act a tad more like the place belongs to you. The things they were talking about because they felt safe due to speaking in German…I actually contemplated for a few seconds of going into simultaneous translation mode…then decided against it and went for an english muffin with sausage, egg and cheese instead.

Arriving at the first stop in the Everglades, Royal Palm, we took a quick mini-tour before the Ranger-led one started. Who would have thought, it was the little girl-ranger from the day before at the visitor’s center. Turns out she’s from Alabama, Bachelor in Anthropology, Master in Education, only been there for six months but DAMN did she know her stuff. And as for narrating, she was really good. Saw two more ‘gators and a snake, pictures are available on my picture site, and yeah, it’s nice of her to inform us that we should give the creatures some space, it’d be the polite thing to do, 15’ would be ideal…but, honestly, when that critter is on human paths, where is the gator’s politeness and consideration when invading my area of security? 😉

At Flamingo, we took another boat cruise through the backcountry and saw quite a lot of crocodiles, both babies and adults, as well as more aligators, sadly no manates though. We did get to see our first Florida Tree Snail though, so the list of critters to see is down to manates now, which is quite alright, as, worst case, we’ll manage that in the Miami Aquarium on our last day.

After spending the rest of the day taking various hikes throughout the park and shooting even more pictures, we got an awesome milkshake at a fruit stand…well, not quite fruit stand, it’s more an open store, huge, and rather old apparently, in operation since 1960, just outside of the National Park, and a local institution it seems. Awesome selection of homegrown fruits and vegetables, knowledgeable staff and oh so yummy. Not very expensive, called ‘Robert is here’. Eh, someone offering quality like that is entitled to goofy names. We’re gonna go there again tomorrow. I never had bananas like those…and the only dragonfruit I ever had was in one of those hip beer mix drinks in Germany….wow.

Alas, that’s it for today, dang tired and tomorrow we are going to Key Biscaine.

More news tomorrow!

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