When You Wish Upon A Star

The day started rather early. I am kinda glad we didn’t stay in a Disney Resort or the Hilton as that would have meant getting up in time to catch the bus…to be at th e park at 8 AM. That would have been a bit too much in hindsight, so I am still counting my blessings that we left the hotel with the 8:30 AM shuttle to Magic Kingdom.
It was a bit unreal getting there. I imagined the monorail to work a tad differently, nevertheless, it was interesting to see. Upon arriving, we swiped our tickets and then, call me childish, I asked Mel to kinda lead me by my hand. Reason being that you walk through something like a tunnel and I wanted to, well, get blasted with Disney instead of a gradual approach. So…I closed my eyes and waited until Mel positioned me in the right spot and told me to open my eyes…

I was looking down Main Street, directly towards the castle. It was…surreal. My godfather (of the non-faerie variety, unfortunately) gifted me a subscription to the German Mickey Mouse magazine when I turned 6. I had a subscription until I turned 10, then got another magazine (no-one outside Germany knows that one. P.M. anyone? No? Didn’t figure). I watched the cartoons, over and over, and kinda was completely Disneyfied from an early age on. There were regular articles about Disneyland and Disneyworld and I always wanted to go there, yet it never happened. I kinda forgot that dream though when I got older, but when opening my eyes, it was like I regressed at a fingersnap.

I had a lot of fun, and so had Mel, which is good, after all, it’s nicer to be silly in company than always having your partner frown at you, eh? Some things really blew me away. Philharmagic I could have gone and seen a few times, it was that good. I didn’t know you could make 3D Movies that good. The Haunted Mansion had some great effects, I was particular impressed with their Ghosts, good job on that one. Mel wasn’t too thrilled about Space Mountain, which I found great, we both liked Big Thunder Mountain Railroad though. Splash Mountain? We passed on, thank you, it was a bit nippy after all.

We actually took a break after the first parade in the afternoon, going back to the hotel for the hotel’s Thanksgiving Buffet. DANG! So. Good. Seriously, it was great, and, considering we didn’t have real Thanksgiving since 2000, it was special.

We returned around seven-ish, took a few more rides, I took a few photos as I now took my camera with me, and then, all of a sudden kinda, it was time for the fireworks. Amazing. I shot tons of pictures and sadly had to find out that I really need a tripod for shots like these. I have quite a few decent ones, but a lot of them are, well, only digital trash. Bah. Wonder if there are any lightweight yet sturdy ones around, I don’t feel like lugging around a metric ton…not to mention that I doubt Mel will be too pleased if I do that. Hahumm. We’ll see.

We finished our stay at the Magic Kingdom with the second parade, beautifully illuminated, again some great shots…and then returned to the hotel, happy, yet worn out, our feet hurting quite a lot. For things like these, we should wear those stepcounter thingamajicks. I’d like to know what distances we cover on these days.

Anyhow, that’s all for now.

More news tomorrow!

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