The End

So Miami can have other weather than sun it seems. Today is told actually rather fast.
We met a friend of ours for breakfast at her place (thanks, Susi, it was fun), after which she gave us the tour of Coral Gables, Coconut Grove and parts of Key Biscayne. The Venetian pool, albeit dry, and the Biltmore were really cool, as for Coral Gables…I think we might want to try to find a place there when/if we manage to come over for good (or at least for an agreeably long-ish time).

Having finished the sightseeing, it didn’t take much nudging to get us to come in for some more chat and coffee, afterwards we went shopping, that’s where our ways parted…and Mel and I ended up back at the hotel to mellow out. You know the routine. Start repacking your stuff for the flight back while watching football and then just zoning out. Which is what we will do now.

More news tomorrow. 

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