So, we took a holiday, took some time to celebrate, just a few days of our lifes and it was so, it was so nice…
It stands to reason that the flight was booked, too, that a lot of annoyed people were around who apparently were promised upgrades and didn’t get them and that upon starting…again the video equipment was not present that a certain best man of mine (Thank you, Ansgar) promised me. Once in the air, we were informed that this time due to technical reasons no movies could be shown, but we’d be free to use the radio stations they had still working. At least we got home in one piece and actually managed to catch a few minutes of shut-eye each.

Mel’s sister picked us up from the airport and we returned in time to greet the cats and let the guy checking the water flow meters and central heating meters in. The rest of the day is a blur, as we faded in and out of sleep, getting up at 4 pm in time to get some things done (unpacking for example) and preparing for the next day…at the office.

So…our trip in a nutshell. 

  • Contrary to our expectations, there were no ‘gators or crocs at every corner on the street
  • Christmas decorations CAN be put up on palm trees
  • Chances are you will be approached in Spanish, even if you look anything but Cuban
  • Getting a sunburn in late November is not only a probability but a certainty if you forget to use lotion
  • We LOVED the wildlife
  • We LOVED nature
  • Yes, Colin, there is a Mickey Mouse and a Cinderella Castle
  • Ten days are SO not enough
  • Florida ROCKS, at least during winter time!

And, to summarize, in the words of Governor Schwarzenegger: We’ll be back!


Holiday — 2 Comments

  1. Florida is nice THIS and only this time of year. 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great holiday! *hugs*


  2. …had, unfortunately had. Didn’t get around to publish this entry, been…sheesh..24 days by now *cough*

    And we’re willing to give Florida another try in the other season.