Back in the US

Alright. I admit it. I am not as young as I used to be…but who is?

Seriously. Those nine (9!!!) hours time difference I suffered through from Germany to this here place, Phoenix, Arizona, are rough. True, I didn’t sleep much and am accordingly now a whooping 24hrs up and around, 15 hrs of this flight time alone, not counting waits inbetween and what not…yeah, I will happily plop into that bed that lets me dial how hard the mattress should be (SOOOO good…).

The trip itself was rather uneventful. Much to my surprise the leg Dusseldorf to Chicago wasn’t too bad. The machine was half full (I guess the accountants of Lufthansa considered it half empty), but they comped noone to business. Bah. Still, After this trip, Mel and I will likely have enough miles on our United account to upgrade to Business from now on. 

Chicago was interesting. Friend of mine, Marc, correctly ‘warned’ me that the airport is huge… Why is it, that all airports I’ve been to in the US look like they are in need of an overhaul? But, well, immigration was easy. Even though, Chicago at least, Greencard owners now have to stand in the same queue as all those tourists because now we may have our fingerprints checked again. GAH. Still, just a five minute wait.

The connecting flight to Phoenix though…eh. The machine was packed, we had no chance to get Economy Plus seats and thus when the lady in front of me decided to crank back her seat, my knees kinda were trapped…and I had a long 3 1/2 hrs ahead of me.

But, rejoice, we survived even that…and the other bimbo in front of us who went to Phoenix to get lai… I mean to meet her boytoy and ummm…how do I put this…let’s say she apparently decided to spend some quality time this weekend with her man in Arizona. She drove me nuts. Started tanking Bacardi one hour out of Phoenix, checked her makeup a thousand times, went to brush her teeth, checked her text messages (???), refreshed her perfume level (and all around her. The guy on her other side was married. Let’s see what his wife says to the excuse of ‘perfume, on me? oh, that must have been that girl on the flight…’) and in general was a cheap copy of Paris Hilton. Egads.

The Radisson Airport North hotel we’re at right now is rather decent, as I mentioned already, the bed is AWESOME, wish I could drag that one back to Germany with me. Restaurant had decent food, as we decided to stay in instead of looking for a restaurant…and the decision to pick up the car tomorrow was a rather good one, because Mel was too tired to drive anyway. Yay for good planning.

Tomorrow, we’ll try and find the Bass Pro shop, then head to the DBG, Desert Botanical Garden. The rest of the day will be spent convincing our bodies that the time on the clocks is right, screw the bodyclock. And make plans for Tucson. Gotta pick out a hotel for that stay.

Alright, enough for today. Bed time! Seriously so.

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