Mel’s Color Commentary: Prelude

There’s a children’s book in Germany about a mouse called Frederick. He is living with his family of mice on a field somewhere. It’s fall and all the other mice are out and about to collect food for the winter, while Frederick just sits on a stone and collects colors. The green of grass, the blue of the sky, the red of strawberries… you get the picture. Unappreciated as many "weirdos" are, his mice family is making fun of him. In the middle of the winter, when supplies got scarce and all the mice are freezing and getting depressed, Frederick shares his stock: he tells the other mice about the greens, blues and reds and although that doesn’t really increase the amount of available food, the other mice feel much better and all of them emerge from their den in spring.

Now, I am a Frederick. Always have been and it’s a shame that I cannot draw or paint. But I will try anyway. So, for this trip, aside from Colin’s daily blog, I will write a short piece about the "Color of the Day". In our scrap book about the trip, I plan to complement that with a little watercolor / drawing… let’s see how that works out.

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