On a dark desert highway, cool wind in our hair


Ok, so we first had breakfast and checked out of our hotel, the Radisson Airport North hotel, but still. Off we were.

There’s something though that ‘bothers’ me ever since having arrived on saturday and having seen it with disbelief in my eyes:

There are tons of bike trails in Phoenix. And bike stands. And people on bikes, using them. And I am talking bicycles here, not motorbikes. And houses with solar cells on their roofs. What happened? Has it always been like that over here, or is this just finally the realization that things could be better here in the US if resources available’d be made use of? I am astonished and proud actually. Kudos, Arizona!

The trip itself was more or less uneventful. Sirius made the short 90 mile trip even shorter. Yes, I am a tad fixated on that gizmo, but, seriously, it’s so cool. And we got to listen to THE HIGHWAY. Yeah, so we like country music, go away. Seriously. Shaddup. Shooo.

Weird moment on the trip? Pima Air Park. Seriously. A whole bunch of commercial jets parked more or less along the roadside. Unfortunately you can’t get on the field to look at them, there’s security and a whole bunch of fences. Still…cool sight.

Speaking of cool sights, I am really taken with the whole nature here. The sights are amazing. The combination of those small mountains, some in mini ranges, some all by themselves….against the desert, just wow. Although I have to admit, I did expect the whole desert thing a tad more red-red, it is too red-brown for my imaginations to come true. Still…wow

Having arrived, we did some minor shopping. Mainly art supplies for Mel who wants to start on her water colors along with some scrapbook materials. We found out that lariats are available in other colors than just natural. Meaning that we saw a whole bunch of lariats next to each other on a shelf in all colors of the rainbow. How odd is that. Heh.

Tomorrow, we intend to go to the Saguaro National Park. Some hiking, some pics…there are some critters I’d love to get in front of my camera. Let’s see how successful I’ll be.

In other news…my body still ain’t fully convinced that the time on the clock is for real *sigh*. But I am getting there. Eventually.

More news tomorrow!

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