Cactus Jack is back


I’ve never seen that many…cactuses…cacti…whatever you wanna call them, folks, as today.

And it’s been hot. Sheesh. But, yeah, seriously, I have to admit that I can, more or less, stand this heat we have here. Stop snickering, people from Arizona who might read this, I know we ain’t seen nothing yet, we had upper 80s (30 degrees for you Europeans) and you can go 115s (don’t ask, my fellow old-worlders….). Still, upper 80s here feel less harsh than in Europe. Yeah, dry heat, yadda, yadda, but having your face melt is having your face melt, you don’t care if the heat is dry or humid.

Saguaro National Park

I like. Many of the cactuses (I’m a redneck at heart, shaddup, cacti peeps) are in bloom already. The landscape though feels alien kinda. I am not used to walking through a forest of cacti (THERE! Happy now?) and even though it did start getting repetitive, I can’t say that it ever start feeling ‘normal’, if you know what I mean.

We went for a 3 Mile hike. Yes, in the heat (….I told you to stop snickering. To me it is heat, period!), and I took both my Camera and the walking stick cum monopod with me. I did manage to get a few good shots, although I need to sit down with my folding card to see what kinda birds, critters, helicopter and plane I got (interesting fauna, I know).

Sadly, the birds I was able to identify got away from me. Harris Hawk, Golden Eagle…and a Road Runner (I felt the Coyote’s frustration. Really, I did. He was too fast for me to bring my camera around to get a good shot. Bah. Where’s FREE BIRDSEED when you need ACME CORP???).

The heat though…I was glad when the one hour hike was over. If we stay for a longer time, I reckon I’ll be more able to cope, but I am still Central European so…eh. One thing cacti (there, I did it again) can’t offer is shade.

Now, back at the hotel, we are planning the next leg of the trip…and I forgot to buy beer. Wondering if I have another Michael J. Fox moment tonight (The Secret of my Succe$s anyone?)

Tomorrow morning, we’re heading to the Sonora Desert museum, so I will call it a night for now.


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