L-O-V-E in the USA

Alright, this is just a kind of interlude blogging, but seriously…

Yes, we have our window facing the I10. I can live with that, although the freight train is a bit of a trial. On the other hand, when I was living in Harrisonburg, I had a freight train every morning at 4 AM, blowing its horn for minutes because of the crossings it had to slow down at. So…eh, I am not too shaken by that one.

But seriously, those walls should be a tad more…sturdy and sound proof. Yay to you, neighbour of ours, for first taking a shower before entering the jacuzzi. And I assume that you took your lady friend along for the shower and the jacuzzi. But as your headboard apparently faces mine through the walls…and you apparently followed through your urge with enough force to have the bloody wall shake. Ummm. Sheeesh. 

Let’s just say that I could have lived without that. Good for you though, Stud Muffin. Stamina is something you have not only in your vocabulary. Or Viagra really works for you…

Next time though…tell your lady friend to forget about saving horses, Cowboy.

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