Frosty, the Snowman

 Gosh golly darn,

What’s up with the title you might want to ask.

All in due time. Patience, grasshopper.

OK, now I am a tad miffed. What the heck happened to the second part of my entry. Grrrr, all gone.

Anyhow, as I was typing earlier, it was a good decision to get up at 6:30 AM and arrive at the Sonora Desert Museum in time at 8:30 as the animals were quite a tad more lively than they would have been around noon.

I finally got a roadrunner in front of my lense as well as a praerie dog and a few other critters, plus some very nifty hummingbird pics I am looking forward to tweaking at home, as they already look great fresh out of the camera.

As noon came up rather quickly all of  a sudden, we made a beeline for the car and started the next leg of our tour, this time to Flagstaff.

Yes, we do know Flagstaff is quite a bit higher than, say, Tucson in the desert, but a difference of 48 degrees from 79 to 31 (29 degrees Celsius to something like -4 right now) in addition to some traces of snow isn’t half as funny as it might sound like. Good thing we each packed a fleece sweater and fleece jacket, otherwise…ah well, it’s just for three days anyway, then it’s supposedly getting warm again. Still…mighty strange.

Tonight, we stay at the Radisson once again, this time the one in Flagstaff. It has the same comfy beds the one in Phoenix had and as it is a bit on the chilly side, I am looking forward to snuggle under my blanket.

Tomorrow we are off to Sedona, so expect a bunch of new pics 🙂

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