Mel’s Color Commentary: Day Six

Today was a difficult day to pick a color. I was considering the dark green of the ponderosa pines we passed on our way to Sedona ? too boring. Or the garish pink of the pink jeep tours ? already had hot-pink. Or the turquoise in the Indian Jewelery boutique where one piece of turquoise-silver jewellery was uglier than the next (which led to a pretty high ugliness-rating for the 5.258.237th bracelet in the showcases…). But I finally decided to go with red. Not the red of our first red-rock we’ve encountered on this trip ? I’ll be saving that color for later when we will see much more of that. I’m talking about the bright red used in a water-color drawing by Sarah Roger of “Willow”, a silhouette of a cat of exactly the same build and pose as my favourite fuzzball Jana. This painting struck my eye when we entered the art mall and if they’d had a unframed version, I would have bought it on the spot. So I guess I’ll mail-order it from home.

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