A rather early morning was followed up by our short road trip to Sedona.

I have to give you this, those Red Rocks…simply amazing, especially in sunlight.

The road there is another one of those scenic highways….and justifiably so. I took some amazing pictures, shame though that the bird I got was just a black vulture and not an eagle. I still have to find a soaring eagle somewhere out in the wild.

Now, Sedona though….

Our travel guide told us in advance, that there’d be two distinct kinds of reactions to Sedona. The one kind, mostly ‘mericans, who’d really like the whole setting and tourist get-up…and the Europeans, who are kinda turned off by the whole approach of touristy display.

I was surprised to find out that I subscribed to the latter. Really. If tourism were candy, Sedona would have rotted all my teeth. It’s…just over the top. The scenery is fantastic, as is the fact that quite a few houses are built from the same red rock as the surrounding mountains…but the myriad of shops, new age places and psychic reading/healing/whatever-ing places around were just too much for me.

Alright, we did get a nice little piece of artwork, a wooden humming bird carving on a branch, but that was about it. We opted to head back after the stroll we took instead of staying around for another few hours.

And what a decision that was…we actually drove into the beginning of snow. Not a flurry, nope, more a…well…it’s been enough snow to have us enough material for a decent snow ball battle…alas we were too grown-up for that today. So instead we cleaned out Barnes & Noble here in Flagstaff (the new Dreseden book is currently being read by me…because of the story I figured that a 40% discount would really be ok for me to pick up the book as hardcover…stop snickering, Virginia…).

Tomorrow, we hope to get to the Grand Canyon…snow allowing that is. Egads, they really just announced a slight flurry of snow…not THAT. We actually contemplated for five minutes the purchase of jacket, gloves and hat. Didn’t follow through though. Let’s hope that was a wise decision 🙂


Winter…Wonderland??? — 1 Comment

  1. Glad to see you and Mel are having so much fun in the desert. And, yes, it can get pretty farking cold at night this time of year.

    Grusse aus Wien.