Bury my Heart at Twisted Ankle

So, today was one of the great days. A whole day of Grand Canyon, South Rim, was ahead of us.

Although the last two days were kinda featuring a slight flurry of snow, which quickly melted away, we were not quite prepared for what we saw when opening the curtains this morning. There actually was a blanket of snow. Not one of those big, fluffy ones, but enough to leave us a bit concerned regarding our trip.

As Fortune is with the Bold though, we headed out and to the car. Which was kinda snowed in, as in the hood, trunk and front screen were completely covered in snow. When heading for the passenger’s side, I noticed, that the front screen was frozen under the snow. Being ever the galant gentleman, I proceeded to draw the roomkey out of my wallet (one of those credit card kind of things), as this was the next best thing we had to an ice scratcher…and walked around the car to first free the driver’s side. What I did not take into account was the LONG patch of black ice I made contact with with my aptly named ‘slippers’ on my feet, as my hiking boots were waiting in the car for me. Gravity took its toll, Newton again was proven right, and down went I, not surprised enough to keep me from cursing on my way down.

Once I hit rock bottom though, the curse turned into a hiss of pain. I really gave my ankle a darn tootin’ good twist and was unable to stand up for a few breaths, because, frankly, I was preoccupied with feeling pain, and rather lots of it.

To make a long story short, the ankle started swelling up nicely until I squeezed it into my boot. That helped, but not enough to allow me to do any of the hiking Mel and I had scheduled for today.

I am kinda of two minds on that. South Rim didn’t really click for me, again, partly because I was preoccupied with pain, partly because to see more I would have had to be able to walk a tad more and partly because it was just too dang touristy. I managed to snap a few decent shots, but that was kinda that. More than four hours we didn’t manage to stay, much to my chagrin and feelings of guilt. We decided though that we’d have to do this trip again. With less snow…and the less touristy, but equally spectacular North Rim. So…we’ll be back.

So…tomorrow, we are off to Kanab, Utah. Another State to enter for the first time. I am curious.

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