Get Your Kicks On Route 66

Alright, about this trip today I can’t write that much. First the facts: We stopped at a trading post in Page, Arizona, and I got a really nice pendant for myself. It’s Zuni origin, the real thing, and a bear. It just gave me that ‘mine!’ vibe… what can I say.

The trip itself though was breathtaking. It’s a scenic route past Page to Kanab alright, but we were not prepared for the colors, rock formations and just the general sights along the trip. I stopped counting how often people were happy to get into a passing zone to get past us, we were guilty of the worst sin in the eyes of people on a schedule…we were enjoying the scenery.

If for nothing else, this roadtrip, this part of our travel, was among the most special moments in my life. I always expected US Cavalry crossing our paths, in pursuit of a Native American War Party. It looked that great.

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