Who let the Dogs out? Me! Me! Me! Me!

Best Friends


It’s beautifully located here in Kanab, Utah, in Angel Canyon. What I didn’t know is that Kanab is kinda Utah’s little Hollywood. A lot of classic Westerns, both movies and series, were shot here. Some even in Angel Canyon.

The tour we got was interesting, but I was looking forward to walking dogs through this place too much to really enjoy the tour that much…rather give it the attention it justified. Alright, at one of the cat houses we stopped at, I was kinda recruited by Vane, who waited for everyone else to walk past before making his presence known and demanding my attention…which I happily obliged

Unfortunately, as today is Sunday, the Cafe was closed robbing us of the chance to lunch with those people we saw on TV and who kinda inspired us to drop by on our trip and volunteer. Ah well. Soon lunch time was over, and we went to the Dogtown HQ for volunteer registration.

I didn’t get to go to Old Friends, as they already had enough volunteers for the day, so instead we just filled in where they needed us. When we arrived, we were told that all the dogs were already walked…and now it’d be too hot to walk them again anyway. If we’d feel like doing anything else?

While silently muttering into my beard and letting Mel doing the talking though, I noticed an intense stare though from one of the runs. A huge, fluffy German Shepherd mix was looking at me with his amber eyes. Just that. Looking. When I returned the stare, he got up, split his mouth into a huge doggie grin and started wagging his tail. ‘Do the dogs need grooming?’ I interrupted the Caregiver and Melanie, and, sure enough, minutes later found myself with a brush in the single dog run occupied by that shepherd mix, aptly named ‘Balu’.

We really got along, I brushed enough hair out of his fur to make a Jack Russel out of it…and he loved every minute. Man, if we’d live in the US, this’d be my dog, no doubt about it. He can Sit, Shake, Stay, Speak and a whole bunch of other tricks, he’s three-ish years old and convinced he’s a lapdog. And those eyes…just amazing.

So. Tomorrow, we head to another Canyon to look at…but Tuesday morning? I’m going to see Balu again. In a spur of the moment decision, I volunteered us (thanks, Melanie!!) for another half day and guess who gets to be walked by yours truely. We do have one piece of luggage still free for the flight back…but sadly, that ain’t gonna happen.

Man, I wish it were Monday night already… 🙂

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