..And I Am Far, Far Away With My Head Up In The Clouds

…Bryce Canyon…

A quick sum-up: A big ‘Thank You’ goes out to my buddy Marc for telling me about this place. Soooo worthwhile…

The trip there took us a measly 80 minutes, which is really nothing. At least distance wise. The way there though…oh boy.

We went from 39F to 86F, from 5.000 Feet to 9400 Feet and it was just oh so special.

The colors…unbelievable. I am excited to have some of them on camera though and am rather eager to share them. Especially after having them under my worktools for a bit to enhance some of them colors even more.

I’m afraid I really can’t blog too much about this, in fact I am almost finished, but it’s like describing a picture in words alone…and in art class I’ve been never good at that. It’s to be looked at, not talked about, as words can’t do it justice. So…take a look at the Gallery? 🙂

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