In Sin City… Where the Lights are Bright

I was actually rather excited today, as today we’d volunteer for another half day at Best Friends. Incidentally (and heck no, there’s been no coincidence in that but rather meticulous planning from ‘lil ole me), we volunteered again with Balu and his gang (well, true, and Jenn, their caregiver).

As we volunteered in the morning, we got to walk a bunch of the dogs. We started out with Dean and Ohio Patches. Mel walked Patches, a feral, i.e. born in the wild dog. Really shy, eager to please though and just as great as Dean was for me. As they were run mates, i.e. living in the same run, we were able to walk them together. Which was good, as Patches didn’t want to go anywhere without Dean, darn pack instinct. Which really bit us in the back when they had to pick up Dean from us for people who later turned out to adopt that little bugger. Patches was glad to be ‘home’ again, for a ‘wild’ dog, he was very shy and almost afraid. But cute.

Finally, it was time to walk Balu. Which we had to do all by ourselves, as he has no run mates plus the only other dog that had no run mate, Cabbie, well, let’s just say they don’t get along at all. Being the gentleman I am, I let Mel go first with Cabbie, then followed her after a few minutes, giving her enough of a head start. Boy, was he great to walk. Uber-attentive, I didn’t even have to ask him to heel, he was just perfectly at my side. There were quite a lot of bunnies and little lizards on the path. Instead of barking and chasing after them though, he just froze and nudged his noise their way to get my attention. He must be under the impression of being a pointer dog in addition to being an uber-sized lap dog. Man, it sucks so bad that we neither have the time, nor the space nor the jobs to take him along with us. I am sure our cats would love him and vice versa. Especially Mel’s cat could sleep on top of him and would look just absolutely cute. Ah well, wishful thinking.

Only too soon lunch time came up, which in turn meant that we’d have to leave soon. Lunch at Best Friends was really good, even though it was vegetarian. The only chance to get meat there is by bringing it yourself to the camp grounds…or be of the four legged variety. A quick run to the gift shop left us with some more souvenirs…and all of a sudden we were back on the road, leaving Utah behind us.

Mt Zion National Park…impressive, as for a change you do not look down into the Canyon, but look up from the bottom of one. Again, a totally different color scheme…and quite a few more photo ops. Which I gladly took. Don’t tell me you’re surprised.

Eventually, we made our way into Nevada and approached Las Vegas.

Let me say this. It is a weird sight when you are still 30 miles out of Vegas and already see the silhouettes of the casinos ahead. And after a few days in a rather rural setting, the difference to the politely put lively atmosphere in Vegas was a tad overwhelming.

Now the hotel…hmmm. We had a reservation for a room with strip view. When checking in, we were offered an upgrade for 30 bucks a night for a spa suite, i.e. a larger room with a jacuzzi in it. We were all for it before we learned that we then would have no strip view anymore. We COULD upgrade to a penthouse suite in order to get both but…ummm. No, don’t even bother contemplating the cost for THAT upgrade. So we kept our initial reservation, after all, we both were tired and glad to finally get out of our shoes and simply kick back.

The lift next to the lobby took ages to arrive. And was full. The next one took even longer… and had a bellhop with his car thingy and a … woman in it. I use the label woman as broadly as possible. Think Paris Hilton as a brunette. both IQ-wise and with the same amount of luggage. We lost braincells while sharing the ride with them. Seriously, she chewed the ear off of the bellhop with a display of dimwitted conversation that we were glad when we arrived on our floor.

The room…was spacious, yeah. But apparently our definition of strip view did not match the one the hotel had. We could see the street in front of the hotel, the MGM Grand, and the Excalibur, but that was that. The upper side of the strip was completely blocked by the rest of the hotel. Oh…and I forgot to mention the rollercoaster…just in front of our window. It sure as heck was no quiet room. Sadly though, both Mel and I were too tired to treck down to the lobby again and raise hell with the clerk. In hindsight, we should have taken the, likely more quiet, spa suite.

We did force ourselves though to head out one more time, first to see the fountains of the Bellagio…which were apparently ruined forever for me thanks to the Mentos/Coke fountain clips online…as this was the first thing crossing my mind when the show started. GAH!

Heading back, we figured that dinner’d be a good idea and finally settled on Gallagher’s, an up-scale steak restaurant at the New York New York. I went for a Sirloin steak, their signature, Mel opted for the Filet Mignon. Gosh golly darn, we did have a bill of about 104 dollars, but I am rather reluctant to ever eat steak again, mine was just THAT good.

Another walk through the casino/restaurant part of the hotel…and we decided to call it a day, we really were worn out. Tomorrow though, we’d explore Vegas. Right now? We figured it a mistake to come to Sin City. The hotel sucked, the city was too fake and loud and what not…and we had too much fun in Kanab. 

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