Who would have thought, especially when coming here, I actually am sorry to see Vegas vanishing in the rear view mirror.

It has to be said written though, that after all, both Mel and I did succumb to the gambling virus in Vegas. Only difference between us is that Mel lost everything whereas I quit while I was ahead after having successfully doubled what I took with me on my gambling allowance!

Alright, alright, both of us put a dollar in a slot machine, Mel lost her dollar, I won one, big deal…and yeah, it sucked as the only thing I got was a receipt to be taken to the cashier. Stupid machine didn’t even blink, whoop or holler when I one at the spinning reels thingy, it just said that I won. Maybe it would have acted differently if I would have scored the jackpot, didn’t feel inclined to try that though, so…nyah.

Still trying to make up my mind about Vegas. Definitely did not live up to my expectations, so it was a bust for this. But being there, I kinda changed my perspective and came to terms with that place…and think that I’d like to return there eventually. See more shows. Stay at the Bellagio…which better not suck…. we’ll see, we have other places in sight to visit first, especially for our plans to find somewhere to settle down. Which definitely is NOT Vegas, sorry.

Hoover Dam. What can I say there. It’s interesting. Definitely. Quite a feat building-wise…and rather intimidating. I wonder when they will finish that bridge, they’ve been working on that one for quite a while now. We contemplated taking a tour inside, but neither of us had a good feeling about doing it, so….we kinda just got out, took in the scenery, went a tourist-appropriate uhhh and ahh…and got into the car to head on to Phoenix. Yay us!

The whole scenery thing gets a bit repetitive after a while, after all, can’t expect much difference from red, dusty earth, pricklies, the occasional Saguaro and what not, not much variation there….but some odd small…I think they are best called ‘gatherings of houses’, as that’s all they qualify for.

Gosh golly darn, this is a travel day, if you expected a lot of content, I have to disappoint you, sorry. Look somewhere else, i.e. at not a travel day for an interesting read.

More news tomorrow. Promise 🙂

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