Insert Phoenix, Arizona themed song title here

Would you believe that apparently there is no such thing as a song, at least easy to google, about Phoenix? I did find a song about Arizona by The Scorpions but, well, what can I say, a one night stand in a car is not quite what I want to have as a headline….

Right, so I don’t have it as a headline but write about it in my first paragraph. Contemplating how much of an improvement that is while continuing to write. Ummm. Yeah.

Soooo…today we scheduled the whole morning to explore the historic Downtown of Phoenix. According to the travel guide it’s supposed to be interesting.

Ummm, yeah, true, I should have given that one a good thought, nevertheless, I kinda was surprised. What I kept forgetting was the fact, that Phoenix itself was incorparted in 1881, so finding anything historic from my European kind of view was a bit much to be expected. So here we were at the Historic Heritage Square and saw the Rosson House, built in 1895, a mule barn from 1899 (aka ‘The Carriage House’), and a few other houses built between then and 1923. I’ve lived in older houses than that without getting a sense of history I have to admit. I will not comment on the old outhouse turned garden shed a friend of our family has in his castle in Bolzano. Let’s just say that it’s a castle-castle, medieval and had knights living there before they were made obsolete by gunpowder. You pull up your history books or Wikipedia and get a circa time period and, well, yeah. Didn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, so sorry.

Mel and I just looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and headed back to our car after twenty minutes…where we found out that the joke’s been on us. We had to pay 20 bucks for parking, as the lot only took a lump sum from people for the day, you could get a discount though if you’d go to the Science Museum. What the…? So much for historic arrogance and the whole ‘my country is older than yours’ attitude, I wonder if we would have had to pay less if I would have snickered less in favor of being more humble. Instant karma, thank you very much.

What to do with the rest of the day though? We shrugged and decided to explore Phoenix a bit more, just look at the city (cities, it IS more of a sprawl after all) and check out the Ikea. Yes, we are bona fide Ikea addicts, wherever we have to move there HAS to be an Ikea in driving distance for us. Phoenix? Is on our list of possible places to end up at, so yay, Arizona!

The rest of the evening was spent packing, here’s looking at and thanking Mel for excelling at that. even if I jump on my stuff and compress it this way, she still manages to pack more efficient than I do which I don’t get. Magic, that’s the only possible explanation for that. I dunno how she does it, but she does it, so I bow to the Mistress of Packing Optimization. And no, she is not tossing stuff of mine, at least I never noticed. Hmmm. Maybe I should start an item list I check off after returning home from our next trip….just to be on the safe side…

Is it really already time to fly home tomorrow…morning? EARLY flight to Chicago, then a four hour stop-over before returning home to Dusseldorf. Did I mention the WAY EARLY morning already? *shudder*

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